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A panic attack is a sudden episode of intense and sudden fear which appears when actually there is no danger as such. In some cases you may get confused between heart attack and panic attack. A person might undergo only one panic attack or he might experience multiple panic attacks throughout the life. If it is left untreated it may lead to development of fear of experiencing them again, it can also lead to avoidance of places and peoples. This is a sign of panic disorder. Buy Xanax Online No Prescription to get faster delivery for the treatment of panic disorder.

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Symptoms of Panic Attacks:

The panic attacks trigger the sympathetic nervous system. It leads to flight or fight response when a person experiences danger. The panic attack may occur suddenly without warning. The symptoms may come on gradually and reach to peak after approximately ten minutes. The symptoms include shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, rapid heartbeat, feeling faint, shaking, sweating, tingling or numbness, hyperventilating, hot flashes, stomach pain, nausea, chest pain, difficulty breathing or chills. In some cases an overwhelming fear of another panic attack may be developed and this is the sign of panic disorderXanax 1mg treats panic disorder effectively.

The panic attacks are not life threatening but the symptoms can be similar to other life threatening medical conditions like heart attack. If you undergo such symptom immediately seek medical assistance. It is very important to know whether or not you are experiencing a heart attack.

Who are at Risk of Panic Attacks?

There are varieties of factors which can lead to panic attack. They include:

  • Having history of childhood abuse
  • Losing a loved one
  • Having a family history of panic attacks
  • Undergoing traumatic event like serious car accident
  • Undergoing major life change
  • Living and working in high stress situation

Living with mental health condition can also increase the risk of panic attacks. Buy Xanax 1mg to overcome the fear of panic attack.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

In order to diagnose the panic attack the doctor will ask you about the symptoms. He may also check levels of thyroid hormone by performing blood tests. If the doctor suspects that panic disorder is there he may refer you to mental health specialist. Depending on the condition, your doctor may recommend life style changes, therapy and medications to manage the symptoms. Your mental health specialist may recommend you Xanax as a first line of treatment for the prevention of panic attack. Buy Xanax 1mg Online and get faster doorstep delivery.

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