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Serious nerves related pain which is result of a viral infection is quite hecky and stressful. Sometimes people had to face such pain in their body so often which result out to be their inactivity in some important household chores as well other works. Mainly pain which is caused by the infection of Herpes Zoster Virus is to be treated by using Gabapentin 300mg/800mg. This drug result out to be in proper supply of the chemical GABA if lacking in our body so as resulting in pain relief.
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Side effects

If after consuming the drug you face issues like as of the allergic reaction; some sort of hives; facing difficulty in breathing; have developed swelling on your face, on lips, over your tongue, or the throat.
Kindly report for any worsening symptoms if experienced to your doctor, like as: the mood or behaviour swings, anxiety attacks, or the panic attacks, feeling trouble while sleeping, or impulsive feelings, irritable issues, feeling agitated, hostile, or quite aggressive, as well restless (mentally or physically), some sort of depressed, or have the thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself sometimes.

Stay away from the drug if you have

If you have a history of such issues kindly seek doctor advice first in order to consume this drug so often.
• Ever had a kidney disease (or if you are on dialysis);
• May be diabetic;
• Ever felt serious depression, or a mood disorder, either suicidal thoughts or the actions;
• Ever faced a seizure (unless you take gabapentin to treat seizures);
• Having a liver disease;
• Having a heart disease; or
• Some people have feelings about to suicide while taking this medicine. Your doctor should get regular check-ups for your progress on regular visits. Your family or other dearones should also be active regarding to changes in your mood or these symptoms.

Things to avoid while consumption of this drug

This drug may change your thinking or your reactions. Be very careful if you drive or perform anything that requires you to be active and alert all the time.

Avoid taking antacid drug if you are on it within 2 hours or before taking the gabapentin. As they make harder for the body to absorb gabapentin.
Stop Consuming Alcohol as it may lead out to be serious side effects along with Gabapentin.

Interactions with other drugs

Consuming Order Gabapentin Online along with other drugs that are sedative or which make you sleepy can also worsen this effect. Before consult your doctor for consuming any sedative, or the narcotic medication, either any muscle relaxer, or the medicine for anxiety, or the depression, or of the seizures along with.